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Capture video data, review results, analyse performance

Designed for professional sports people or community sports organisations, Advantage4me™ offers a comprehensive review system to provide accurate, detailed, performance assessment.

The interface has been designed to make accessing and reviewing data and video simple and effective and because it sits on the web, you can access the information from anywhere in the world, whenever you like.

01Upload your data

Create a competition or game. Import video and game performance data from a third party provider, or upload and code the video yourself. Use the video cutting tool to select only the relevant parts of a video and allocate them to a category, game or season.

Use the video library to access footage whenever you need to.


02Invite reviewers & viewers

Invite viewers and grant them access to as much, or as little data as necessary. Coaches, players and match officials can quickly add or create a report for a game for immediate analysis, or for the reviewer to revise and update. Once you are happy with the report data, it is closed in the system ready for review!


03Review & communicate

Coaches, players, match officials, managers, and reviewers can easily assess a game or training session and view the action as many times as required.

The stat management interface has been designed to make it easy to view game statistics and results.

Team Networker, Advantage4me™'s professional version, offers a powerful video conferencing tool where viewers from anywhere in the world can openly discuss game statistics and performance.


04Better your game

Access historical data to track an individual's performance over a competition or season. Quickly ascertain where improvements can be made and implement strategies that work.

Advantage4me™ offers an invaluable tool for the personal development of coaches, players and match officials.


It’s the attention to detail that creates good performance and great sports people.